50th Nachtklänge ( Night Sounds ), February 2011, orchestra with 18 musicians in the Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin
composed and conducted by Gert Anklam , more photos , Video on youtube

concert tour with Ha!man alias Francois Le Roux
and Andy Fierens in South Africa , September/October 2011
more photos

Naturklänge Ahrenshoop ( Sounds of nature )
Lutz Gerlach & Ulrike Mai featuring Liquid Soul, September 2011 more photos

Canadian Concert Tour with ensemble nu:n,
2009 Sacred Music Festival Quebec
more photos


Nachtklänge( Night Sounds ) September 2011,
Heilig Kreuz Kirche Berlin ( Holy Cross Church)
Liquid Soul featuring Karin Nakagawa , more photos

2007 "link togehter" and performance in Beijing`s Forbidden City with the Zhou Brothers more photos


Chennai/India 2005 and 2006
more photos


New York April 2007, Performance at Columbia University with the Zhou Brothers more photos

ESTIVAL SANTA CRUZ 2006, Valladolid University Music Festival, Spain


2nd Japan Tour, October 2006, including a performance at the famed Blue Note club in Osaka, more photos

1st Japan Tour, Nov 2004 with Holger Mantey and Beate Gatscha


Performance with Maruti Kurdekar, Amla Patkar
liveat the International Centre Goa,India Feb. 2001

Closing Mass in front of the Reichstag at the 2003 Berlin Ecumenical Fesival for an audience of 190 000 spectators


2nd period of studies in India, 2001, playing waterflutes in the indian ocean


Studies in Chicago 1996 + 97

1st period of studies in india, studies in Bansuri and own concerts with saxophone, Gujarad-Baroda, 1999/2000

During studies in Tanzania 1996, on tour with the Tansanian National Ensemble and the Middle German Saxophone Quartet


South Africa, 1999, Grahamstown- Festival, music for the theatre piece "Dark Continent" by Chris Pretorius